Individuals coming to PNG for the purposes of employment will need to be issued with a Work Permit.

Avoid the complexity that can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Wokman Teleoks has the expertise and experience to facilitate the processing of your Work Permit application, ensuring you are issued with the appropriate Work Permit.

Download the appropriate Work Permit application form below and when completed, scan and email it to

In addition to completing the Application for a New Work Permit, we will require the following information from you in order to complete this application process.

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  1. Scan a coloured copy of your passport page which includes your photo.
  2. Email a current copy of your updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume as word document to
  3. Scan a copy of job description (as provided by your employer) that this work permit relates to.
  4. Scan a copy of your signed employment contract that this work permit relates to.
  5. Scan copies of your Educational Qualification Certificates.**
  6. Provide 2 coloured Passport Size photos (recently taken).
  7. Certain categories of employment require the Work Permit Applicant to be a member of the relevant PNG Professional Body (see list of these professional bodies). If you fall within one of these categoriesor are unclear as to whether you do or do not, please contact your allocated representative at and he/she will assist you in this regard.
  8. Persons from countries other than those on the ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES list will have to demonstrate English Language Proficiency to obtain a Work Permit for PNG. Please check here if your country of nationality is on the list of ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRIES. For information as to the process required, please contact

Please note: We are required to confirm that your Educational Qualifications are in line with the Position that the Work Permit relates to. ONCE THIS PROCESS HAS BEEN COMPLETED YOU WILL NEED TO SEND US A CERTIFIED COPY (see below for explanation) OF YOUR EDUCATIONAL QUALIFICATION CERTIFICATES.

** A certified copy is a copy of your educational qualification certificate that has a Justice of The Peace or the equivalent Certify the certificate as a True Copy of the original. Should you require clarification of this, please contact our office at, and your allocated representative will respond to you within 24 hours of your request for assistance.

Please email documents as per points 1-4 above to us at

You will then be contacted and advised of our consultant allocated to your file.

We will arrange collection from you of the certified educational qualifications and coloured passport photos as per points 5 and 6 above.

You will receive a weekly Progress Report detailing the status of your Visa and/or Work Permit application.

For any matters arising from this, please contact us at

Renewal of Existing Work Permit

In the circumstances where you intend to continue your employment and your work permit validity is coming to an end then you should commence the renewal process 3 months prior to the expiry of your current work permit.

If your work permit expires prior to you having submitted a Work Permit Renewal then you will be required to exit the country and recommence the application process for a new work permit.

Please see the link RENEWAL OF EXISTING WORK PERMIT on this page.

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Bridging Work Permit

In the circumstances where you wish to transfer from one employer to another, generally you will be able to do so in country. The Work Permit you hold will need to have at least one month’s validity prior to its expiration.

Please see the link BRIDGING WORK PERMIT on this page.

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Work Permit Fee Long Term (Both New / Renewal):

General Long Term Employment Work Permit – cost per year K1000.00
General Long Term Employment Work Permit – Bridging K100.00
Cancellation Fee NIL

Work Permit Fee Short Term (No Extension):

General Short Term Employment Work Permit (6 months) K500.00

For details of the Wokman Teleoks facilitation service fee, contact us at

Download the appropriate Work Permit application form below and when completed, scan and email it to