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February 14


Mr Benny Atbob today announced the finalisation of a Sales Agency Agreement with PNGAir.

Commenting Mr Atbob said with the ever increasing Wokman Teleoks workforce and the associated FIFO obligations it is important that we can offer an efficient and reliable service. The agency agreement with PNGAir will allow us to complete instantaneously online the booking and ticketing requirements of our contractors and their families. He went on to say that in the near future Wokman Teleoks would be extending this service to the general public

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February 17


The Operations Manager of Wokman Teleoks Mr Peter Wainetti today announced that a formal agreement has been entered into with Recruitment Center Philippines Inc for the provision of expatriate Philippines labour into Papua New Guinea.

The Recruitment Center Philippines has a long history of providing labour into Papua New Guinea, and this new association with Wokman Teleoks will further enhance the capacity of Wokman Teleoks to expand its labour hire services throughout Papua New Guinea

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February 17

Academic Scholarship – Awarded

The chairman of Wokman Teleoks Mr Michael Trintemnok has announced that the 2017 Wokman Teleoks sponsored academic scholarship has been awarded to Mr Jepson Atpot, who will UPNG and undertake a science degree.

Mr Trintemok congratulated Mr Atpot, the staff and teachers of Telefomin Secondary School.

The scholarship will provide Jepson with his academic and accommodation fees for the duration of his course.

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October 16

Wokman Teleoks provides academic Scholarship

The chairman of Wokman Teleoks Mr Michael Trintemnoks, announced today that the company would be offering the outstanding graduate of the Telefomin High School an academic scholarship to attend the University of Technology in 2017.

Mr Trintemnok said that this reflected the company’s recognition of the peoples of the Telefomin area contribution to the development of the Ok Tedi mine, and the company’s desire to introduce a means where higher education is available to people of this area.

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August 16

Wokman Teleoks announces the opening of its office in Kiunga.

The Chairman Michael Trintemnok said that the company in recent times had been fielding many requests for a representation in Kiunga to cater for its ever expanding workforce. 

Mr Trintemnok said that requests particularly from companies participating in  Oil & Gas projects in the area have expressed a real desire for a Wokman Teleoks presence to service their workforces, hence the company’s decision to open an office.